Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: June 20

1➤ What Midianite woman married Moses?

2➤ What Moabite was an ancestor of Jesus?

3➤ Who is the first female singer mentioned in the Bible?

4➤ What woman was married to a fool with a name that meant "fool"?

5➤ What singer was shut out of the Israelite camp for seven days when she was stricken with leprosy?

6➤ What five women demanded that Moses give them their deceased father's estate, though women had no property rights at the time?

7➤ What woman of Jericho was spared when Joshua's men took the city?

8➤ What unfortunate woman was gang raped, then cut into 12 pieces and sent to the tribes of Israel?

9➤ Who brought down Samson for the price of 1,100 pieces of silver from each of the Philistine chieftains?

10➤ At whose house did Peter confront maids who asked him if he was one of Jesus' disciples?

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