Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: September 11

1➤ To what church did Paul send Epaphroditus as a minister?

2➤ What church began at Pentecost?

3➤ What church had Crispus, a synagogue leader, as a member?

4➤ Where did Paul have a vision asking him to found churches in Europe?

5➤ At what church were Paul and Barnabas set apart by the Holy Spirit to do missionary work?

6➤ Who reported his vision of unclean animals to the church at Jerusalem?

7➤ At what church did Paul have a "loyal yokefellow"?

8➤ At what church did some people follow the teachings of Balaam?

9➤ What church was told by John to buy white clothing to hide its nakedness?

10➤ At what church did the Egyptian-born Apollos first serve?

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