Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: May 23

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Daily Bible Quiz

1➤ What man ran to meet Abraham's servant at the well?

2➤ The only female judge of Israel, she judged the tribes from under a palm tree. Her victory song is famous. Who was she?

3➤ What widowed prophetess was 84 years old when she saw the young Jesus in the temple?

4➤ What wife of David had been married to Nabal, who died when she told him of the gifts she had given to David?

5➤ What elderly cousin of Mary became the mother of John the Baptist?

6➤ What prophetess, active during the reign of Josiah, consoled the king while chastising the people of Judah?

7➤ What scheming princess of Tyre married and manipulated the weak Ahab and imposed her pagan religion on Israel?

8➤ What Israelite woman aided the people by murdering the Canaanite captain Sisera in her tent?

9➤ What Jewish girl married a Persian emperor and helped save her exiled people from extermination?

10➤ What two sisters from Bethany had a brother named Lazarus and were close friends of Jesus?

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