Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: October 6

1➤ Where was Jesus when he miraculously escaped from a crowd that was going to push him off a cliff?

2➤ What was the other affliction of the deaf man Jesus healed in the Decapolis?

3➤ How many loaves of bread were used to feed the five thousand?

4➤ How was Joseph told about Jesus' miraculous conception?

5➤ Who announced Jesus' conception to Mary?

6➤ What was the affliction of the man Jesus healed after his famous Sermon on the Mount?

7➤ What little girl did Jesus raise from the dead after telling people she was only asleep?

8➤ What did Jesus say to calm the storm on the lake?

9➤ When Jesus healed a man of dumbness, what did the Pharisees accuse him of?

10➤ When Jesus healed a paralyzed man, what did the man pick up and carry home?

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