Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: July 2

1➤ What king heard God's voice just as he was boasting about how great Babylon was?

2➤ Who heard the voice of God as he watched four mysterious creatures flying under a crystal dome?

3➤ Who recognized Peter's voice after he was miraculously delivered from prison?

4➤ According to Isaiah, what noble person will not lift up his voice in the streets?

5➤ According to Paul, what language did the divine voice use on the Damascus road?

6➤ What king called to Daniel in an anguished voice?

7➤ Which epistle mentions the voice of Balaam's donkey?

8➤ What famous rabbi was Paul's teacher?

9➤ Who commissioned Ezra to teach the law to Israel?

10➤ According to Jesus, who would teach his followers all they needed to know?

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