Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: May 31

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Daily Bible Quiz

1➤ What king of Israel had a reputation as a fast and furious chariot driver?

2➤ What king did Esther marry?

3➤ What Syrian king besieged Samaria, causing great famine that led to cannibalism?

4➤ What Egyptian king fought against Judah and murdered King Josiah?

5➤ What king of Judah had to be hidden as a boy to protect him from the wrath of wicked Queen Athaliah?

6➤ Who set up golden bulls at Dan and Bethel so that his people would not go to Jerusalem to worship?

7➤ What good king of Judah was murdered by two of his court officials?

8➤ What king of Israel made Elisha angry by not striking the ground enough with his arrows?

9➤ What king of Judah showed mercy when he executed his father's murderers but spared their families?

10➤ What king ran a beauty contest to pick a bride and wound up marrying a Jewish girl?

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