Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: September 25

1➤ Where was Paul when an angel assured him that he would be brought before Caesar?

2➤ How many angels will be at the gates of the new Jerusalem?

3➤ According to Jesus, what causes the angels to rejoice?

4➤ Who had a vision of four angels holding the four winds of the earth?

5➤ Which gospel says that an angel rolled away the stone from Jesus' tomb?

6➤ At the end time, what will an angel bind Satan with?

7➤ How many angels pour out the bowls of wrath on the earth?

8➤ What prophet saw the Lord's angel riding on a red horse?

9➤ What is the name of the evil angel of the Abyss in Revelation?

10➤ Who had a vision of the Ancient of Days seated upon a throne?

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