Bible Quiz Questions and Answers:  Daily Bible Quiz - January 11

Bible trivia questions and answers multiple choice: Daily Bible Quiz (January 11)
Bible Quiz (Multiple Choice Questions) with Answers

"Embark on a Soul-Reviving Journey: Unveil Divine Wisdom in Our Daily Bible Quiz for January 11! Immerse yourself in 50 heart-touching questions, crafted for all ages - from enchanting tales for kids to profound challenges for adults. Let the scriptures be a guiding light, leading you through a sacred quest of faith. Each question extends a heartfelt invitation to deepen your connection with the divine, fostering introspection and emotional resonance. Join us in this exploration of spiritual growth, where joy, revelation, and enlightenment await. May the daily quiz illuminate your path through the sacred verses of the Bible. Happy quizzing, and may your soul be uplifted by the profound wisdom of the Word!"
Bible quiz multiple choice questions with answers:

1➤ Bethlehem lies within the land of which tribe?

2➤ What general direction is Bethlehem from Jerusalem?

3➤ Which of these cities is not in Galilee?

4➤ In which region do you find Nazareth?

5➤ Cyrinius (Quirinius) was governor of ...

6➤ Which of the following is known as the town of David?

7➤ Which city is known as the 'city of David'?

8➤ Where did Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead?

9➤ Which book follows Matthew?

10➤ In which book do you find the passage, 'We love him because he first loved us'?

11➤ Which book follows Luke?

12➤ Which book follows 2 Corinthians?

13➤ Which book follows Philippians?

14➤ Which book follows Philemon?

15➤ Which book follows James?

16➤ Which book comes after Jude?

17➤ Which book has--'God so loved the world'?

18➤ Which book comes before Exodus?

19➤ Which book follows Joshua?

20➤ Which book comes before Judges?

21➤ Which book comes before Job?

22➤ Which book comes before Isaiah?

23➤ Which book comes before Daniel?

24➤ Which book comes before Obadiah?

25➤ Which book comes before Haggai?

26➤ Which book comes before Luke?

27➤ Which book comes before 1 Corinthians?

28➤ Which book comes before Philippians?

29➤ Which book comes before Philemon?

30➤ Which book comes before James?

31➤ Which book comes before Jude?

32➤ The tower of Babel was built in this land:

33➤ Where was Abraham when God told him to leave his country?

34➤ Where did Jacob find his wife (I should say wives)?

35➤ The Israelites crossed this sea as they left the land of Egypt:

36➤ The river of Egypt that turned to blood during the first plague:

37➤ A land described to the Israelites as flowing with milk and honey:

38➤ The land of this tribe does not border the Sea of Galilee:

39➤ Where did Jesus say, 'A prophet is not without honor except in his own country'?

40➤ Where did Jesus talk with a woman who had had five husbands?

41➤ To which city did Saul go in order to arrest Christians?

42➤ Which book speaks of the missionary journeys of the apostles?

43➤ The sea which lies on the west coast of the land of Israel:

44➤ Joseph, the son of Jacob, became second in command over this country:

45➤ Nehemiah supervised the rebuilding of the walls of this city:

46➤ Jesus was not born here but he was raised here:

47➤ This city lies on the coast of the Mediterranean:

48➤ A city on the Mediterranean, known for its trading:

49➤ In which book do you find the ten commandments?

50➤ Which book of the Bible makes no mention of the Lord?

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