Bible Quiz Questions and Answers:  Daily Bible Quiz - January 2

Bible trivia questions and answers multiple choice: Daily Bible Quiz (January 2)
Bible Quiz (Multiple Choice Questions) with Answers

Bible quiz multiple choice questions with answers:
"Embark on a Soulful Expedition: Unwrapping Divine Wisdom in Our Daily Bible Quiz for January 2! Delve into 50 captivating Bible trivia questions, blending joyous tales for kids and profound challenges for adults. Each question is a beckoning call to explore the sacred, fostering a connection with faith that goes beyond the ordinary. Let the scriptures be your guiding light on this daily pilgrimage, deepening your understanding and stirring heartfelt emotions. Join us in this quest for divine knowledge, where each answer unlocks a new dimension of spiritual insight. May your journey through the pages of the Bible be a source of inspiration, warmth, and growth. Happy quizzing, and may the wisdom of the Word illuminate your path!"

1➤ Number of visitors who stopped by Abraham as they traveled to Sodom:

2➤ Who was the son Abraham had by his wife Sarah?

3➤ Who was Isaac's wife?

4➤ Who deceived his father by pretending to be his brother?

5➤ What was Jacob also known as?

6➤ Who wrestled with God by the Jabbok river?

7➤ What was the sign of God's covenant with Noah?

8➤ Who was Moses' brother?

9➤ Meat eaten during the Passover:

10➤ What is the name for the seventh day of the week?

11➤ What did the people of Israel make while Moses was on the mountain?

12➤ What is the significance of the blood of the Old Testament sacrifices?

13➤ God commanded the people of Israel to tithe. A tithe is:

14➤ God told this man to be strong and courageous:

15➤ What color was the cord Rahab tied in her window?

16➤ Which one of these is not a son of Noah?

17➤ Who was Isaac's half-brother?

18➤ Who were the two sons of Rachel, the wife of Jacob?

19➤ Who was Rebekah's brother?

20➤ Who were the two sons of Joseph?

21➤ Which prophet succeeded Elijah?

22➤ Which bird did Noah send out of the ark first?

23➤ Who was Adam and Eve's firstborn?

24➤ Of which of these is it said, 'He walked with God'?

25➤ What did a dove bring back to Noah in the ark?

26➤ What was Lot to Abraham?

27➤ Who was the mother of Abraham's first son?

28➤ How old was Abraham when Isaac was born?

29➤ How many unmarried daughters did Lot have when Sodom was destroyed?

30➤ What animal did God provide for Abraham to sacrifice instead of his son?

31➤ Who was Rebekah's father?

32➤ What did Abraham's servant look for in a woman to marry Isaac?

33➤ Which of these pairs were twins?

34➤ Who tricked his brother out of a blessing?

35➤ Who tricked Jacob into marrying his not-so-beautiful daughter?

36➤ Which one of these died in childbirth?

37➤ Jacob's wife Rachel died giving birth to whom?

38➤ Who told Jacob he would take responsibility for Benjamin on the trip to Egypt?

39➤ When his brothers came to buy food, in whose sack did Joseph place his cup?

40➤ What tribe did Moses come from?

41➤ What was the first plague on the Egyptians?

42➤ How long were the Israelites in Egypt?

43➤ Which of the following was not used in the Passover celebration?

44➤ How many gems were mounted in the ephod of the high priest?

45➤ On what festival day did the priests release the scapegoat?

46➤ Which tribe was most numerous at the time of Moses' first census?

47➤ What happened to Miriam for speaking against Moses?

48➤ Which tribe was not given any land as an inheritance?

49➤ Why did God send poisonous snakes among the Israelites?

50➤ Who was the king of Bashan whom the Israelites defeated?

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