Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: July 10

1➤ What wife of a sheepherder admitted that her husband was a complete fool?

2➤ Who killed a fatted calf and made bread for a despairing king?

3➤ Who was the mother of John Mark?

4➤ Who was the royal mother of Nathan, Shobab, and Shimea?

5➤ Who came to Jerusalem with a caravan of camels and loads of jewels?

6➤ Who ran to tell people that she had met the Christ by a well?

7➤ What woman set up a special apartment for the prophet Elisha?

8➤ What book mentions an industrious woman who plants a vineyard with her own hands?

9➤ Who was the angel Gabriel speaking to when he said, "Blessed art thou among women"?

10➤ Where was Mary the last time she is mentioned in the New Testament?

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