Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: May 10

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Daily Bible Quiz

1➤ Which honorable counselor was waiting for the Kingdom of God?

2➤ One of the Ten Commandments forbids the coveting of a neighbor’s property. Which one?

3➤ What did God specifically command concerning the eating of the thanksgiving offering that the Israelites made?

4➤ Which tribe’s blessing from Jacob said they would “dwell at the haven of the sea”?

5➤ Jesus accused the Pharisees of hypocritically paying tithes on herbs, and omitting which weightier matters of the law?

6➤ Which king of Heshbon would not let the Israelites pass through his land?

7➤ What occasion did David write Psalm 105 for?

8➤ Which one of the Ten Commandments was an instruction not to lie (bear false witness)?

9➤ What was the name of the god that Barnabas was called at Lystra?

10➤ How many horns did the ram in Daniel’s vision have?

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