Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: June 1

1➤ What king of Judah was stricken with leprosy?

2➤ What king of Israel was assassinated by Shallum after a six-month reign?

3➤ What cruel king of Israel assassinated King Shallum and ripped open the pregnant women of Tappuah?

4➤ What king of Egypt received an appeal for help from Hoshea of Israel, who wanted to throw off the Assyrian yoke?

5➤ What king of Israel had much of his territory taken away by the Assyrian king?

6➤ What evil king of Judah sacrificed his son as a burnt offering and built a Syrian-style altar in Jerusalem?

7➤ What king of Israel experienced a long famine and drought during his reign?

8➤ What Assyrian king brought about the fall of Samaria and the deportation of the Israelites to other countries?

9➤ What godly king of Judah tore down the idols in the country and broke the power of the Philistines?

10➤ What king of Gezer opposed Joshua's army and was totally defeated, with no soldiers left alive?

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