Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: July 30

1➤ What apostle was almost done in by 40 men waiting to ambush him at Jerusalem?

2➤ Who drew the army of Ai out of the city while another group ambushed the city and destroyed it?

3➤ What paranoid king ordered the execution of the infants in Bethlehem?

4➤ Who killed Abner?

5➤ What evil king of Judah was killed by his servants?

6➤ What Christian witness was killed by the people of Pergamos?

7➤ Who killed Ben-hadad with a wet cloth?

8➤ What two women brought about the execution of John the Baptist?

9➤ What king of Israel had the whole dynasty of Ahab murdered?

10➤ What former member of the Egyptian court killed an Egyptian official?

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