Daily Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for today: June 8

1➤ According to Luke's Gospel, what Roman ruler ordered a census in the empire?

2➤ Who was the first king to reign at Jerusalem?

3➤ What saintly king of Judah was crippled with a foot disease in his old age?

4➤ What king was reprimanded by his military commander for weeping too long over his dead son?

5➤ What son of David tried to make himself king after David's death?

6➤ Who was king of Judah when the long-lost Book of the Law was found in the temple?

7➤ Who received a visit from the Queen of Sheba, whom he impressed with his wisdom?

8➤ Who is the only king who is said to have neither mother nor father?

9➤ What king of Judah became king at age seven and was aided in his reign by the saintly priest Jehoiada?

10➤ What king had the misfortune of his worst enemy being his son-in-law and the best friend of his son?

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