Which prophet said, "Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son"?
ⓐ Joshua
ⓑ Isaiah
ⓒ Ruth
ⓓ Ezekiel
To what object does James compare the tongue?
ⓐ Flower of the grass (Jam 3:4)
ⓑ Clothing (Jam 3:4)
ⓒ The fruit of the vine (Jam 3:4)
ⓓ The rudder on a ship (Jam 3:4)
Which of David's sons rebelled against him?
ⓐ Micah
ⓑ Solomon
ⓒ Obadiah
ⓓ Absalom
What does Paul say about women's long hair?
ⓐ It is an honour to her
ⓑ It is her virtue
ⓒ It is a glory to her
ⓓ It is her identity
What did Naomi tell the people in Bethlehem to call her?
ⓐ Diana (Artemis) (Ruth 1:20)
ⓑ Ruth (Ruth 1:20)
ⓒ Martha (Ruth 1:20)
ⓓ Mara (Ruth 1:20)
When Jesus told his disciples to beware of the "leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees", to what was he referring?
ⓐ The deceit of the pharisees
ⓑ The lies of the pharisees
ⓒ The doctrines of the Pharisees and Sadducees
ⓓ The word of the pharisees
How was Daniel protected from the lions in the den?
ⓐ An angel shut their mouths (Dan 6:22)
ⓑ By an Earthquake (Dan 6:22)
ⓒ Aaron's rod swallowed them (Dan 6:22)
ⓓ Walls fell down (Dan 6:22)
Everyone that is proud in heart is what to the lord?
ⓐ An Abomination
ⓑ A proud individual
ⓒ A bad omen
ⓓ A sinner
What did John the Baptist say when he saw Jesus?
ⓐ Behold the Lamb of God! (John 1:29)
ⓑ Behold the Son of God (John 1:29)
ⓒ Behold the sinner saved by grace (John 1:29)
ⓓ Behold the Christ (John 1:29)
How did the city that Jonah was sent to react to God's message of destruction?
ⓐ They didnt believe Jonah
ⓑ They continued with their merry
ⓒ They went moved far away from God
ⓓ They repented