Whose hair when cut annually weighed two hundred shekels by the king's weight?
ⓐ Haman
ⓑ Absalom
ⓒ Ruth
ⓓ Micah
During what traumatic event did the apostle Paul take bread and give thanks?
ⓐ Sea voyage
ⓑ Storm
ⓒ Volcano Eruption
ⓓ Earthquake
Which man killed a lion with his bare hands?
ⓐ Noah
ⓑ Barsabbas
ⓒ Samson
ⓓ Habakkuk
What was the sign that the angels gave to the sheperds, so that they would recognize Jesus?
ⓐ Wrapped in turn clothes, lying in the manger
ⓑ They were shown in their dreams
ⓒ They weren't given any sign
ⓓ Wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger
Who was to be named Zacharias, after the name of his father, until his mother intervened?
ⓐ Matthew (Matt 1:1)
ⓑ Simon of Cyrene (Matt 27:32)
ⓒ John (Luke 1:60)
ⓓ Rufus' (Rom 16:13)
In what town did Jesus turn water into wine?
ⓐ Bethlehem
ⓑ Cana
ⓒ Nazareth
ⓓ Jerusalem
How long had the infirm man lain at the pool of Bethesda?
ⓐ 38 years
ⓑ 37 years
ⓒ 30 years
ⓓ 35 years
What "doeth good like a medicine"?
ⓐ A merry heart
ⓑ Alcohol
ⓒ The holy bible
ⓓ A playful heart
What was God to give Abraham as an everlasting possession?
ⓐ Lot of Cattles
ⓑ The land of Canaan
ⓒ The leadership of his country will be given to him and his descendants
ⓓ Sons and Daughter
What lie was told about Naboth that led to him being stoned and Ahab taking possesion of his vineyard?
ⓐ He committed adultery
ⓑ He had blasphemed against God and the King
ⓒ He has blasphemed against King
ⓓ He has blasphemed against the King