The field that Judas Iscariot purchased with his betrayal money was called Aceldama, but as what was it also known?
ⓐ Feild of sorrow (Acts 1:19)
ⓑ Lilies (of the field) (Luke 12:27)
ⓒ Field of darkness (Acts 1:19)
ⓓ Field of Blood (Acts 1:19)
Who did Jesus raise from the dead by a prayer of thanks to God?
ⓐ Lazarus (John 11:41)
ⓑ Judah (Heb 7:14)
ⓒ Isaac (Gen 17:19)
ⓓ Joseph (Gen 37:3)
The king's wrath is as "the roarin" of what?
ⓐ Tiger
ⓑ A lion
ⓒ Leopard
ⓓ Cheetah
What was the name of Ruth's son?
ⓐ Jesse
ⓑ Obed
ⓒ Cyrene
ⓓ Kings
According to James, what happens if you break one commandment of the law?
ⓐ He is enticed by his own lust (Jam 1:14)
ⓑ He was not sinful like other men (Luke 18:11)
ⓒ None
ⓓ You are guilty of breaking the whole law (Jam 2:10)
Go to the _________, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. What animal should we take lessons from?
ⓐ Coackroach
ⓑ Lion
ⓒ Bee
ⓓ Ant
Who was the tax collector that climbed up a tree so he could see Jesus?
ⓐ Philip (Acts 8:38)
ⓑ Jephthah (Jdg 11:30-40)
ⓒ Malachi (Mal 4:6 - Matt 1:1)
ⓓ Zacchaeus (Luke 19:5)
In which tribe was the city of Bethlehem?
ⓐ Simeone
ⓑ Levi
ⓒ Dan
ⓓ Judah
What was Peter doing when he denied Jesus for the second time?
ⓐ Playing with his kids
ⓑ Warming himself by a fire
ⓒ Eating at home
ⓓ Praying to God
What did Jonah do while he waited to see Nineveh's fate?
ⓐ He sat down on the North of the city and made a shelter
ⓑ He sat down on the South of the city and made a shelter
ⓒ He sat down on the West of the city and made a shelter
ⓓ He sat down on the East of the city and made a shelter