"Test Your Bible Knowledge with This Challenging Bible Quiz on Book of 2 John!"

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Bible Quiz on 2 John


It's time for another quiz! This week, we're testing your knowledge of the Bible with a quiz on the book of 2 John.

How well do you know this New Testament epistle? Can you answer these questions correctly? Find out by taking the quiz below.

Introduction to 2 John

Hello! Welcome to our quiz on the book of 2 John. This quiz will test your knowledge on the biblical text.

The book of 2 John is a letter from the apostle John to a group of Christians. In it, he urges them to stay true to the teachings of Jesus Christ and to love one another.

Ready to test your knowledge? Let's get started!

Why 2 John Matters for Christian Believers Today

2 John is an important book in the New Testament that helps believers understand how to live out the Christian faith today. The letter is short yet powerful and emphasizes the need for believers to remain faithful and obedient to God’s Word.

2 John also speaks to the importance of encouraging others in their faith walk and not to compromise truth and righteousness in any shape or form. It clearly outlines the importance of walking in love, being patient, and bearing one another’s burdens with humility.

Above all, 2 John reminds us that our greatest calling is to remain devoted to God and cling to our faith even when times are tough, as God will never leave nor forsake his own. And that's a lesson for Christian believers today and always!

How well do you know the Bible? Test your knowledge with this quiz on the Book of 2 John.

Bible Quiz Questions and Answers From the 2nd John

1➤ What does it give John to see some of your children obeying the Father's commands and walking in the truth?

1 point

2➤ Who does not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh?

1 point

3➤ Who is having father and the son?

1 point

4➤ What lives within us and will always be with us?

1 point

5➤ What is love?

1 point

6➤ What was the command that John gave to the dear lady?

1 point

7➤ Whom was the second John book addressed?

1 point

8➤ What was the command heard from the beginning?

1 point

9➤ What are the three blessings that would be with us in truth and love?

1 point

10➤ Whom did not be greeted?

1 point

11➤ What are we commanded to do?

1 point

12➤ What is the first word in the second John?

1 point

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