Bible Quiz: Jude (Bible Quiz Questions and Answers from the Book of Jude)

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Bible quiz questions and answers on the book of Jude

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It's time to test your biblical knowledge! In this quiz, we'll focus on the book of Jude. Take a few minutes to read through the questions, and then answer them to the best of your ability.

Introduction to the Book of Jude

Welcome to the Book of Jude! This is a quiz designed to test your biblical knowledge. The Book of Jude is one of the Books of the New Testament, and it's named after its author, Jude.

Jude is a half-brother of Jesus Christ, and he was written this book to warn Christians about false teachers. The Book of Jude is one of the shorter books in the Bible, and it contains just 25 verses.

In this quiz, you'll be tested on your knowledge of the Book of Jude. There are 20 questions in total, and you'll have No time limit to complete the quiz. Good luck!

What You'll Find in the Bible Quiz on Jude

The Jude Bible Quiz will test your knowledge of the Book of Jude, one of the lesser-known books of the Bible. You'll find questions on the following topics:

- The author of the Book of Jude

- The recipients of the letter in Jude

- What is said about faith in Jude

- The Archangel Michael

Bible Quiz on the Book of Jude

Who wrote this book?
ⓐ Peter
ⓑ Paul
ⓒ Jude
ⓓ John
To whom was Jude writing?
ⓐ The Pharisees
ⓑ Jews
ⓒ Unbelievers
ⓓ Christians
The epistle of Jude has how many verses?
ⓐ 28
ⓑ 27
ⓒ 26
ⓓ 25
How does Jude describe himself?
ⓐ The servant of Jesus Christ
ⓑ The servant of God
ⓒ The apostle
ⓓ The teacher
What is the name of Jude's brother?
ⓐ John
ⓑ James
ⓒ Simeon
ⓓ Simons
What does Jude admonish readers to contend for?
ⓐ The faith
ⓑ Wisdom
ⓒ Salvation
ⓓ Divine power
According to Jude, certain men have crept into the church. How did he describe these men?
ⓐ Pious men
ⓑ Ungodly men
ⓒ tempered men
ⓓ Unrepented men
According to Jude's advice, in what shall we keep ourselves?
ⓐ In love.
ⓑ In the love of God
ⓒ In the holy faith
ⓓ In devotion to God
He brings to remembrance, the people that God brought from this land.
ⓐ Jerusalem
ⓑ Babylon
ⓒ Palestine
ⓓ Egypt
They left their own habitation, and God has reserved them in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment.
ⓐ Some saints
ⓑ Some prophets
ⓒ Some priests
ⓓ Some angels
Who prophesied, 'The Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints"?
ⓐ Enoch
ⓑ Isaiah
ⓒ Jeremiah
ⓓ Ezekiel
These cities and the cities about them turned themselves over to fornication.
ⓐ Bethany & Bethphage
ⓑ Jerusalem & Capernaum
ⓒ Sodom & Gomorrah
ⓓ Canaan & Hur
Sodom and Gomorrha and the cities around them were destroyed because they were guilty of 'going after strange flesh' and what?
ⓐ Lasciviousness
ⓑ Fornication
ⓒ Idolatry
ⓓ Unbelieve
What Archangel contended with the devil, disputing about the body of Moses?
ⓐ Enoch
ⓑ Michael
ⓒ Cain
ⓓ Balaam
Who prophesied, saying the Lord cometh with ten thousand of His saints?
ⓐ Ezekiel
ⓑ Jonah
ⓒ Moses
ⓓ Enoch
And others save with fear, pulling them out of ..........
ⓐ Darkness
ⓑ The fire
ⓒ immorality
ⓓ The kingdom of darkness
In the last time there shall be
ⓐ Revival.
ⓑ A great awakening.
ⓒ Earthquakes.
ⓓ Mockers.
Build yourselves
ⓐ On your most holy faith,praying in the Holy Ghost.
ⓑ With your witness of our Lord throughout the world.
ⓒ With building blocks of worth.
ⓓ In God.
On what does Jude advise his readers to build themselves?
ⓐ On love
ⓑ On a solid rock
ⓒ On their most holy faith.
ⓓ On salvation
Keep yourselves
ⓐ In Jerusalem.
ⓑ Beyond the Pharisees.
ⓒ In the love of God.
ⓓ Quiet.


So, how'd you done? Bible quizzes can be a fun way to test your knowledge and this one is from the Book of Jude. If you missed any questions, don't worry we've got the answers for you below. 
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